California Ghost Town

California Ghost Town

Bugle of Freedom

Tram It All Anyway
By Chas A. Walla

It was roughly a four-hour trip by horse, mule or wagon, up or down the Yellow Grade Road. It was not an easy trip for stages, freight or bullion wagons. Aside from fortification derived mainly from strong drink, teamsters innovatively influenced at least th4e trip down by putting the mules on the back end and locking the brakes or "putting on the skids." Bullion King Mortimer Belshaw is credited with having invented a metal shoe-skid that attached to the wagons wheel, providing the desired friction against the roadbed, and at the same time keeping the wagon-wheels iron tire from wearing out.

Another Story of Cerro Gordo

By Mrs. J.S. Gorman

A bon-fire was kindled in front of the American Hotel and when it was flaming brightly, the prominent men of the town started to make speeches, encouraged by the noise and cheers of the miners. At the height of the merry-making, all solemnly throw their hats into the blaze and trooped across to the Beaudrey store to be outfitted with new ones. A few minutes later, they swaggered back, a very funny sight! Some wore the most elaborate of silk, "stove-pipe" hats; some, huge Stetsons that fell over their eyes, some had children's hats, gay with wide ribbons, held atop their heads by elastics; and some, the last to get to the store, had to content themselves with flaring sunbonnets.

The Optimistic Prospector

By J.D. Leary
When the panic struck Owens Valley
I did not sigh or sob,
I did not go boot legging
or hunting for a job.
I took my little pick with me
And in the mills did climb
Then for a starter on my way
I staked me off some lime.
But as the lime is so uncertain
So before I would be late
I kept right on a hiking
Then I found some good red slate.

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